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Ruby on Rails hosting by

Usually in the past I’ve done my web hosting on either one of the many servers I own or utilizing VPS hosting providers like, or, but lately with the economy and a price that can’t be beat I’ve been using‘s Linux Hosting plan to meet my needs. This has met all my requirements except one, I couldn’t run my Ruby on Rails applications that I was working on development for using their services. Well until now that is… Thanks in part to a great Systems Engineer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with and knowing great strides had been made to improve the feature set to the level that a power user like myself would appreciate adding even more value to the offering.

Recently there had been work being done to add FastCGI access to the Linux Hosting plan which already offers PHP5, Python 2.4 and Perl 5. Ruby is still not available on the system as a whole; however, that doesn’t stop you from adding it to your own account which is precisely what I did. Armed with the ability to test out FastCGI I proceeded to work on getting a very simple test RoR app setup and running.

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