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Spam be gone

So I’ve got this serious jonesing love/hate relationship with spam. Personally I’d love to collect all the spammers of the world in a nice lead lined room and irradiate them with low yield nuclear waste. Not enough to kill them note you, just enough to ensure that they don’t breed!

There are so many methods out there to try and curb the amount of spam out there but never seems to be enough adoption of them. I try my best to implement what I can as I’ve fallen victim of several “joe jobs” in the past. As a result of that I looked at Sender Policy Framework (SPF) before it got introduced into the IETF track and became spf2.0/mfrom,pra. I’m still running my spf1 classic records and it has helped a bit, but I wonder just how many servers really bother to check and honor the policies published.

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