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Rolling out a new mail server – part 2

If you’re not going to try running this under AWS then you can pretty much skip on ahead to the rest of the configuration.

So the obvious place to start is in setting up the EC2 instance. If you just want to test this out a t1.micro instance is plenty big enough and the on-demand pricing to run it for a few days won’t cost a lot. In fact if you just signed up for Amazon Web Services you could run a t1.micro free for a year with their free tier service. As my expected load is not more than the t1.micro can handle I actually got a t1.micro EC2 reserved instance and it runs me less than $7.50/month give or take depending on bandwidth and storage costs. If you want/need some AWS consultancy get in touch as I’ve got plenty of experience with AWS and saving my clients plenty in recurring costs.

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