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What about container security?

With normal legacy server security you would routinely scan your servers for vulnerabilities, but with the move to using containers this methodology for vulnerability detection doesn’t exactly fit as you would typically build the container and move it along through your environments during the software development life cycle. So how do we check our containers …

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Working with ECS

By this point we should have a VPC in place and our Private tier subnets can route out either a NAT Gateway or VPN Connection that performs NAT, we can then begin to look at deploying applications into the environment in earnest. In my environment I’ve made the choice to use containers as much as …

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Setting up your Virtual Private Cloud

If you’ve already followed along from my earlier posts on getting started with AWS and my update to getting started, then by now you should have a multi-tiered VPC across multiple Availability Zones which is setup along the lines that the diagram to the left displays. Your VPC will have a single Internet Gateway and 2 Gateway …

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