Jeremy T. Bouse

Jeremy has been working as a Linux Systems Administrator for the past 15 years in all kinds of environments from large shared web hosting to small start-up Internet software development companies. This has required him to be able to wear multiple hats and quickly troubleshoot problems. With a strong work ethic mantra of “Work smarter, not harder” he doesn’t like to cut corners and takes the extra time to see things right the first time.

Jeremy has previously held Cisco career certifications as well as currently holding ITIL Core v3 Foundation & Security+ CE certification while working to complete his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology through the University of Phoenix. His experience is not strictly in Linux, but in various flavors of *NIX operating systems include Solaris, SunOS and multiple versions of the BSD family. He has also provided Windows Administration support, although his focus has been on the Linux/*NIX operating systems and networking devices.

He has served as a Debian Developer for the past 10 years and has also been part of upstream open-source development for the Nagios monitoring framework plugins. He is a strong advocate of open-source software and it’s use in the enterprise environment when it is the best fit for the job.

Jeremy originally started UnderGrid Network Services as a sole proprietorship to do consulting work in 1995, later filed the company as a Georgia Limited Liability Company from 1999 until it was dissolved in 2005 after moving out of the state. Currently UnderGrid Network Services is being reformed as a Georgia Sub-chapter S Corporation as of the beginning 2011. UnderGrid Network Services was envisioned to bring the best independent contractors together to provide the best level of service to it’s customers and feels being incorporated is the first step to providing the appropriate level of stability to accomplish that goal.